Sunday, July 31, 2011

Abstract Horse Painting Red Horse by Texas Equine Artist Laurie Pace

Red Horse
24 x 30 inches Oil on Canvas  
 ©Laurie Pace    Graphics One Design 1998-2011  
Contact me for your own commissioned painting: Laurie    

Sharing the Love

We are home after being gone almost a week. We saw my mom and dad and our daughter, son-in-law and our precious grand-daughter Lady L.  We drove home early afternoon yesterday and were busy remembering so many precious moments with Lady L. 

Every morning when she wakes she is so excited about the day... she is two and a half years old.  She wakes with out worries or fears...just happy to be awake and cannot wait to see another face smiling at her.  She throws herself into her day looking for joy in everything. She loves sharing her toys with us and playing. She and her 'Bampa' did a lot of that today. 

I watched her carefree movements and marbled at the beauty of being so child like in innocence... which is where we need to be as adults with God.  TRUSTING so easily and not worry about anything in the future.  We are to be enjoying the NOW.

Mother Teresa once said, "It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters."  I feel this applies to our life daily... how we rise from sleep to our day... it should not be the magnitude of what lies ahead in our actions either... but simple love and trust as we make our day.  What are our intentions? Show love with all things. Demonstrate your faith. Share the light with others.

This will attract or reflect back to you in life unlimited good and you will feel more fulfilled each day.


"My purpose shall stand and I will fulfill my intentions."  Isaiah 48:10


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