Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another Horse was Found in Racing the Morning! Horse Paintings by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Another Horse Appeared.... Read and see more below.
He was found coming up along side.

  © G.O.D. Laurie Justus Pace                                                 Graphics One Design 2013

Racing the Morning 
28 x 42 inches Oil on Canvas. 

I could not even sleep on this one. Something was missing but I could not place the hesitation that plagued me. 

 The camera was still not functioning and I spent four hours yesterday taking shots in various settings and finally in my non camera brain went to the internet to try and grasp what was happening.  Something called the ISO number was causing the grainy texture on every picture and it was driving me nuts.  I began to reset things and adjusted them. The suggested setting was 100 on the internet but I ended up at 800 I believe.  It was too slow at 100.  I shoot without a flash to capture the paintings. 

While I am working I take progress shots and then take them into photoshop to look at the painting in reverse. I study it and make decisions on how I react to seeing it for the first time... in reverse. I knew the second I finally had decent images of this painting that it was not done... There was another horse hiding in the paint. Discovery easily brought it out with just a bit more paint layering and presto the young horse pressing on the outside to overtake the two ahead of him.  Speaks to me of life.  There always seems to be a competition and we are always trying to edge our way forward.

I have personally found in life that is not necessarily the right approach. Winning is not the truth to find happiness.  Happiness is in this very moment today.   My dad would always urge us to be the best we could be in life. He expected nothing less. But both he and Mom wanted us to be happy and to follow in life our dreams and go after what made our hearts sing. 

This is my second completed painting here in the new house and I really found it to be exhilarating to paint it. Now that the camera is back on track, I believe I will be as well.

May your weekend be filled with happy moments. Savor the gifts that God has brought to you. Share them with others.

A Texas Artist, Laurie Pace
Golden Pond Studio


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