Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three Horses in the Snow, Abstract Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Three Horses in the Snow
18 x 24 inches Oil on Canvas   
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 © Laurie Justus Pace     Graphics One Design 2011

I love painting with thick paint and believe their is a passion with in me that likes to ice cakes...so I love 'icing' my canvas as well.  Painting abstract horses was part of a learning process that occurred over several years and the journey has been incredible. 
Someone asked me yesterday why I started up this horse blog.  The answer is simple. On my main blog I post whatever painting I am working on at the time.  It is not always horses.  It will take a few years to build this site as strong as my original website, but in truth I have many horse blogs.

I do not post on all of them...but this one I will be posting to the most.
The others are:
and now of course this one, www.abstracthorsepainting.blogspot.com  because that is what I do best.

My main blog, www.lauriepace.blogspot.com is still the heartbeat of my life. That is where I bare all...paintings and emotions.   My studio has been under Graphics One Design since 1998 and before that it dates back to In Perspective Studio founded in 1977.  


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