Friday, April 1, 2011

Mountain Appaloosa, The Painted Ponies 2011, Abstract Horse Painting by Texas EQuine Artist Laurie Pace

Mountain Appaloosa
Mirada Fine Art, Denver CO.

20 inches by 30 inches  Oil on Canvas  
 ©Laurie Pace   Graphics One Design 1998-2011
contact me: Laurie    

On The Wind of Joy

She flitted around the house in her Tinkerbell-like outfit, pretending to fly and soar on the wind around the living room making circles around the couches and tables.  Her voice had a beautiful sing-song quality that rang with happy notes of joy and pleasure at just being alive.  It was quite the contrast from the two year old tantrum in the bathtub the night before when she did not want anyone washing her hair.

The wild swings of joy and frustration of being age two reminded me that it was a mirror of what we often see in adults.  Night before last I crawled into bed, the last night Lady L would be here this trip...worn but happy.  Terry was in the den with Larry watching the latest episode of Top Gear, a favorite in our household. Stacey had fallen asleep a few hours earlier with Lady L, both tuckered out.  I climbed into bed with a tv remote in my hand.  I NEVER have control of the remote as I rarely watch TV; I thumbed my way through the 500 plus channels and was amazed at how much I had NOT missed in life.  I did find Sweet Home Alabama on the Love Channel and settled in to watch the last hour of it.  Rather sappy but the part that got me was the end.  As the two destined romantics arrived at their seven year late wedding reception, the joy of life and celebrating was so contagious I cried happy tears in response. 

Why can we not live like this always?  Why can we not find this much joy in every thing we do? I switched off the tv at 10:30... Terry had crawled in bed about 15 minutes earlier and was already sound asleep... and I prayed... and had this 'feeling' that I truly need to make more joy each day.  I need to celebrate life each day.  I need to praise Him more each day and I need to bring back to my marriage this same joyful nature of the fullness of life. 

So when I drug out this canvas above ... that was drawn off last November, I picked up my palette knife and went to work. I worked through  most of the afternoon and into the evening until after eight... and I think I am finished.  This was joy in the making.  Painting for my show opening in Denver in July this summer.... pure joy in celebration of life, love, freedom, energy,...all the good things in life...expressed through color and my palette knife. I hope you enjoy the story and the semi-abstract appaloosa painting above.

Joy to you. Joy is in the air; you can feel it in the wind and in your heart. God is calling to you. 

Still a few more weeks to sign up for the art workshop. You do not need to be an accomplished painter to participate...any level artist will learn much from the three day gathering.

“For the director of music. Of David. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.” - Psalm 14:1


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