Thursday, August 8, 2013

17 Summer Herd 2013 Three Ponies in the Meadow Contemporary Horse Paintings by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

  © G.O.D. Laurie Justus Pace      Graphics One Design 2013

11 x 14 inches Oil on Canvas. Available. 

This horse painting started with dots of paint on the canvas...then it became a pot of flowers... and THEN I pulled all the colors and found my horses running in the meadow of green grass and sunlight.

This is my signature painted pony painting, a part of Summer Herd 2013.
Click here to purchase and see close up images.

Every single day I keep this verse in mind and heart: 

You are my refuge and my shield;  I have put my hope in your word.
Psalm 119:114

Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist

Pace Studio 
Graphics One Design


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